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Signage system

Bangkok Thai Tower, located on Rangnam Road, is an 18 floors office building. The building is undergoing a new space allocation and needs a new signage system in some areas.

From the open-ended brief, the team tried to find ways to use the existing color identity and symbols to fit with the materials and surfaces that the architects had already chosen.

The main users of the signage system are Bangkok Thai Tower employees, tenant, and delivery staff.

Designer : Sathapana Skullai

Director : Kittikoon Pakdeekaew

Strategist : Ploy Lewchalermwongse

The design of this signage system takes into account the original identity, consistency with interior design, visibility, readability, and the distance from the user's decision point to the different types of signs. The team chose a font that can be read at various distances, and they also created icons for signage use to increase consistency.

In the design, the team chose to present surface materials and color materials that are consistent with the interior design to make the signs as visible as possible.

Testing the sizing, type, color and contrast at the site to recheck the visibility of the wayfinding system. Making sure that the signages are in proportion to the actual scales of the location and practical for their objectives.

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